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10:58 p.m. | 2004-02-09
Adding 2 Days Worth Of Music To A Playlist Feels Oh So Good

Word of the Day for Monday February 9, 2004

forcible FOR-suh-buhl, adjective:

Using force against opposition or resistance; effected or accomplished by force; as, "forcible entry or abduction."

About yesterday's at about 3 am--well actually, no. This diary has changed in purpose a little bit, I waver up and down sometimes saying meaningful stuff, sometimes leaving it pointless and simply a run down of things.

Not that I lie--it's just that I can't put a ton of stuff in here that I truly feel, or that I feel like divulging, or clearing up, or anything of the sort. That sucks, though, in the same respect. This used to be for that, and the old stuff is still there and open for that. I may archive it, but I won't password it.

What brought this on you say? Well kiddies, I went and looked at some of my stats today, and I was like...hmmm, that I recognize, that I recognize, that I recognize--but for the wrong reason. I was searched under google for "Kristin McCall" and then I was clicked. That's chill and all, but I wasn't gonna have anyone read this: who would have searched for the name Kristin McCall I ask? Not sure. (For those of you who weren't paying attention, check the cast page for roomate #1: Kristin McCall).

This won't end, and it probably will continue on pretty much as it has for the last 3 months--though most likely no deeper than that. I'd hate to lock entries. That's icky.

Onto newer stuff, though, does anyone remember when I said I created a photography page? Well, I finally did, so check it. It should work fine (the link on the side will no longer lead to webshots, but rather to an actual page with thumbnail views and everything! Wow! I learned something!) I also fixed the quiz page.

So I got stuff done, and I plan on keeping in that way with this page, I'll keep all that stuff on, just if I get silent or retarded for the next week or so--I'm sorry.

Also, I'm gonna be posting a little sketch of what my newest painting is gonna look like (I've started to paint again, yay! And I love it! Yay!), so y'all should comment on it and tell me what you think.

Signing Off--Lauren

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