late nights and loud fights
it's all just a blur

5:13 p.m. | 2006-01-22
I Usually Put The Lyrics Here, But There Are None

I felt the stinging need for tea as I opened my door and walked into our hallway. It was dark, not the kind of dark where you need lights but where the sun starts to go down and you just barely need them.

I hear fighting from across the hall and my roommate crying as her boyfriend's deep voice says something. I turn my head back and hear the classical piano (Chopin, who else) coming from my room and think of the contrast.

I force myself farther down the hallway and pass my second roommate's door, also shut, but I can hear white rap from behind it (and not good white rap mind you). I again turn my ear back to my room as I hear the gentle tinkle of keys on the piano.

I go to the kitchen and put the kettle on to boil and walk back. At one point in the center of the hall, when I'm aware of all of these noises (tea, rap, yelling, chopin) I start to hear them all at once. I feel like the volume is being turned up on each and I can't breathe all of a sudden.

Maybe it's my fear of it all coming crashing down. Either way my tea pot is telling me it's ready and I'm going to abide.

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