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it's all just a blur

9:46 a.m. | 2006-01-25
I've Hardly Been Outside My Room In Days

Sunrises in Colorado have never been particularly fantastic. Usually they're bland and nice and it's our sunsets (over the blue shaded mountains and grey hue of light) that knock your socks off.

Still I woke one morning to wonder why my room looked ever so red. I never close my shades so as I glanced out the window and saw this scene I couldn't believe myself. I held my breath and grabbed my camera and headed out to our street.

My roommates woke at 9:30 or so that morning and saw the pale blue that is a Colorado sky. No oranges or reds or fire in anything. I didn't tell them about the sunrise, or how unusual it was. In fact I thought that I'd keep it because I was lucky enough to wake up, and it was them who missed it. Why should they get the same enjoyment of seeing it and sleeping in? It kept me up for hours just thinking.

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