late nights and loud fights
it's all just a blur

11:03 a.m. | 2005-10-28
Meet Me In Outerspace


Like all those times that punk songs referenced sonic game codes, or t-shirts referenced commonly known shorthand, I reference my favorite key sequence.

Don't try it on anything important (I mean I use it on possibly important things daily, but I live on the edge). Everything text wise goes away, selects everything and gets rid of it. If you have your settings set right an undo command won't fix it either.

I use it all the time, when I'm writing, when I'm upset, when I vent and I think it's ridiculous and just want to run away from it as fast as I can. Control, a, delete. It got so bad somebody insisted on installing a Norton Safe Trash Can for me, so that things just don't "disappear."

Life is terribly busy right now, I've taken on 4 million extra things, and it's Halloween weekend, and I have work, and family dinner (which has been extended to just about the whole day this week), and then add on the fact that I can't get my head straight.

Most times I barrel through my to-do list, task after task after task just starts being crossed off. Today? I can barely talk let alone get something done.

That and I can't get him off of my mind.

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