late nights and loud fights
it's all just a blur

3:55 p.m. | 2005-10-29
And The Colored Girls Go...

The days of this are numbered.

After this glorious holiday (halloween, duh) comes a small lull and then another rather enjoyable one -- the day of eating. Between those, though, is almost a month of decay. Moments where I'm caught looking at the last leaf fall off of a tree, or thinking about how I won't have to buy him a christmas present any longer.

Moments where I'll shiver because I'm so cold and refuse to put on a jacket, mornings where I'll get up too early for my own good just to check if it's snowed (it never has). Nights where I will turn on a movie and just leave into it.

There's only a month or so left until I fall into it. Until I become that self loathing girl who hates every moment of every day (but smiles through it just because it's easier).

The only thing that can help is snow. And it doesn't snow much in Colorado. And when it does snow, it melts the next day. I need good, heavy chunked, never ended, super wet, stick to your eye lashes snow. Now.

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