late nights and loud fights
it's all just a blur

9:12 p.m. | 2009-09-06
Counting Change in a Drawer

You were right. are right. I only loved it because of the veil that I saw you through. I only thought it was beauty and magic because I wanted it to be that. I wanted moons to rise over your words and suns to set because you say so.

Yet now I know. Whether or not that changes anything I'll never really figure out.

See you're this half broken all taped together version of a person who never realizes they were broken in the first place, but still insists they're lucky for what they get...

You don't need dermabond and stitches. (Well, you do, but you don't think you do and that's all that matters). So I can't fix you -- I can't ride my pony to the end of the land searching for a cure for you.

But I'm so tempted to make you better.

Without skinned knees to kiss and empty stomach to fill I'm nothing.

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