late nights and loud fights
it's all just a blur

10:38 p.m. | 2009-08-16
Seen It All Before

2003. It was a long time ago emotionally and actually. I feel miles from it but I'm sure this much time will feel like nothing later.

Like little lights flashing by.

So much has changed for me, but that's what this time in my life is supposed to be about. So maybe I lit back up on your favorites list or maybe you just found me or whatever.

I crave these days to grab on to what was true in the past. I've had too many people think that I've misunderstood the past and I need to figure that out -- and maybe this holds the key.

Key, no key, whatever. I miss this. I miss the release and the smiles and the laughs. I miss the hours poured into html code (which I still completely hack, but at least on your side it looks great. Just don't view the source, please).

So here it is. Be it bad or's here.

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