late nights and loud fights
it's all just a blur

6:49 p.m. | 2007-06-28
Cinder and Smoke

This place has been so very theraputic to me. I think you all know that.

At the same time I despise almost all that it represents. I hate some of the things I was and said and in general that whole process. And I've been gone for so very long.

I never stopped writing, though, there are now leatherbound journals scribbled with real (dare I say pithy) thoughts on life and love and why and how.

Because life has changed.

I'm currently hacking some html code I was going to have someone else hack for me (but did not have the time, I suppose) and so it'll be up shortly, I'll have a new home and this will...go away.

Because while some of these are diamonds there are things here that make my skin crawl. (I was that desperate? Really?) And that's not how I want to live anymore.

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