late nights and loud fights
it's all just a blur

9:26 a.m. | 2006-07-23
I Think We've Got What it Takes

I just want to open my eyes to something besides an alarm clock and a pillow.

I've been waking up without my alarm recently (about 2-3 minutes before it goes off). And I would give anything to open my eyes, blink twice (I love being up and awake, I'm not one to wake slowly) and see your face looking back at mine.

I guess I'm just sick of having a whole bed to myself. I'm sick of having to try to fall asleep every night instead of feeling comfortable in the arms of another. I'm sick of having to find myself entertaining and beautiful and never finding anyone who feels the same (who's willing to share a bed with me).

I should take out an ad:

SWF. 21 (almost). Charming, sweet, caring, great cook, intelligent -- seeks likewise, or really anything, out of SWM, 20-30.

At least the thought of the ad brought my spirits up. Heh.

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