late nights and loud fights
it's all just a blur

10:17 a.m. | 2006-07-09
To the Heart of the Matter

I know it's barely July and I'm saying this...but when will it be fall again?

The weather is perfect today (in a manner of speaking). The rain is drizzly and cold and I needed a blanket all night. The streets are wet and the drains full of water and it's all just so -- soft.

But I still long for the unrelenting days of this. Of bad hair and big smiles and wet shoulders. I yearn for the days where every second of every moment of every day is filled with thoughts of love (sad heart-breaking love usually). When I wonder why I'm alone, realize it, and then sit there staring out at the rain trying to decode what to do about it.

If I could pick one word to put it to my own falls it'd be "intense." Because what I feel in fall is ten times more than what I'd feel any other time. It's so full, and so much, and so comforting. I just love what it gives and where it goes and I can't get over that.

Tinted trees, wet streets, curly hair -- come back.

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