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8:39 a.m. | 2005-11-22
I've Never Done That In My Entire Life; I Kinda Liked It

I've been having odd dreams again.

In one, I was analyzing my grocery list as I sat on a chair and talked to a psychiatrist (assumingly 'my psychiatrist' though I've never seen this person in my life nor do I have one of those). I went over how my need for orange juice seems to be this strange fulfillment of being "well rounded" and "adult" because I don't have cocoa puffs for breakfast but rather an 8oz. glass of juice and usually an apple, banana, or grapefruit. Next on my list was beef and we went over how I don't like pork and how when I buy meat I buy very nice cuts and that at 20 -- I actually buy meat. I buy nice steaks and marinate them and tend to cook for myself. Yet another quality this mystery person attributed to myself.

Worse part is? Whoever he was, he was right.

I woke up at 2 am to a message from my roommate telling me that my dome light was one and I trudged out to check it was off. Odd. Going back to sleep I drifted into this world of yesterday. It was around 1944. I was wearing this beautiful red dress with white polka dots and my hair was so apropos for the times. I was sitting on a porch waiting for someone to come home. I remember pushing the swinging chair back and listening to it creak as I peered out onto the empty streets, waiting for this car to pull up. A service member's car pulled up, that army dark green khaki with the white star on the side and I saw to gentlemen get out, one holding a triangularly folded flag (how else would one dare fold a flag?). I remember collapsing on the porch in tears.

It's not that either were particularly bad -- just different. And odd for dreams. I can't think of what spurred them (except maybe Saving Private Ryan that I watched a week ago). I just have been having things like this happen to me at a relatively increased frequency.

And in other news I'd be honored if y'all would check this out for me. It's just a photoshop sketch that I put together of what I want my new design to look like. It'll be centered (I know the image isn't) and I'm not sure the entry will be that bold. But what do y'all think? Also, anyone with wordpress experience out there?

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