late nights and loud fights
it's all just a blur

11:51 p.m. | 2005-07-26
I Can Only Hope My Children Will Be This Special

As of late my little world has been turned upside down.

While stagnant for a while rumblings began when I was fired in February, moved houses, and changed my lifestyle a small bit. Then things just sort of went quiet.

In the past week (and I kid you not, it's been 7 days) the following has occurred: Kim, a good friend of mine, at a party for her departure to Texas told us she was pregnant. At the same party Johnny told us he and his wife were also pregnant. My manager quit (this is ridiculously unexpected news). Stephanie made the decision to get back with her boyfriend Bryan and move with him to Las Vegas. Next month. I was spun into my own little twist of fate as I found myself in Gabe's arms again. Gabe's girlfriend left him. My mother quit her job. My fish died. I bought a newt and a camera. Michael disappeared (9 straight days) and when he called back he said he wasn't sure if he could trust me. He shouldn't.

I'm sure the list could get longer, but this is just what's on the top of my head. All of this in seven little days. It's a lot to handle, all of this happening in such a short span.

I know very little of this is actually about me, but add the small confusing detail that is me on top of the fact that I like being in control of situations and I think you'll see why I was a bit on edge. My room went to hell again. But this time when I started to clean it I went uber minimalist and it's almost scary.

But for now my sad, sullen, and sunken eyes yearn for sleep, of which they will get little. Go figure.

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