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3:39 p.m. | 2005-07-09
When Will I Learn to Not Trust Him?

I can't say I didn't expect this.

I had no plans for this afternoon and I was content with that. But then Gabe called and he wanted to see me. No, this was not me asking, he asked if I wanted to go out with him. AND he offered to pick me up. The boy has never done such a thing in the course of our entire friendship (two years now).

So imagine my shock when I brushed my teeth and he said, "I'm leaving right now," and I sat down to read the business section in the paper I had missed yesterday and received another call from him. Funny story, he doesn't think I know where he works, but I do. And he says to me, "something happened at work," I listened to the silence, and then to him tell me that he couldn't go out with me. Not now, not even tonight, but...maybe tomorrow? He didn't know. I'd have to call him. I'd have to what?

I sighed at his idiocy and the realization that his job wasn't open on Saturdays, and that there would be no need whatsoever to go in lest something caught fire (in which case, given his place on the chain, what would he have to do with it?).

He blatantly lied to me because some better offer came along. Probably something in a short skirt and a bad hair cut (he has this weird thing for white trash haircuts).

So these shaved legs, these great lace boy shorts, and this hot skirt? All for nothing. Fucking nothing.

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