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10:10 a.m. | 2004-02-24
They're Called Typefaces, Not Fonts

Yeah, construction my ass. If you caught yesterday's supposed transformation or whatever...I'm sorry to dissapoint. I found a template I really really like (in fact, read below, I'd like your opinions) except for a few things. One, I can't handle some fonts--my brain just shuts off. And it needs to be a small font too. Not a big deal, but more than that the design needs to be perfect, and friendly, and and...yeah, you get it. I'm hard to please.

None the less, do me a favor, and check it out and perhaps leave a comment with your feelings and or thoughts. It'd be helpful.

Other than that--I think I'm starting to enjoy naps a little too much, honestly. So after I clean a little I'm going to go turn into the old man that must reside inside me and succumb to a nap (you really can't expect me to be too functional on 3 hours of sleep).

Signing off--Lauren

p.s. is a font change in order? I kind of have grown attached to my Verdana 10 point, kind of like my Abadi MT Condensed 11 point. Is it odd that I get attached to fonts? I think so.

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