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10:38 a.m. | 2004-02-17
I Feel Weak--Again In Comparison I'm the Lesser

Word of the Day for Tuesday February 17, 2004

tractable TRAK-tuh-buhl, adjective:
1. Capable of being easily led, taught, or managed; docile.
2. Easily handled, managed, or worked; malleable. ode to good writing. It's not often that I find a kiddie and become so engrossed that I sit down and read almost all of their entries (on 78 and counting). I did today, and that may be because just as I fell in love with several people for their musical abilities...I think I may have fallen for the manipulation of words this time. I wish mine held as much pertinance, even my supposed "best examples" don't fulfill this. None the less.


Click it. Lordie people, click it. Wait, unless your eyes aren't worthy enough to view it, then please ignore and browse around the crap that has turned into my diary.

It makes me wonder how people can't be recognized for this stuff, how a child who is aiming at pre-med isn't taking full advantage of this talent. Maybe he is. Either way it's amazing, and I'm not really up for updating today. I have no feelings. I'm wearing a pretty shirt, and that's about all I can say that judges my mood.

To those who called me in the last few days wondering where I was...thank you. I'll get those calls returned soon, I promise. I just needed to pull away for a second, figure out maybe why that list is so god damned long. And yes, in the last few days I've thought of names to add. Crap.

Be well y'all, I'll be back later, most likely.

Signing Off--Lauren


In my slight OCD I'm back. I finished. Got all done. Here's what happened:

-Caught the Bill and Ted reference (who wouldn't the movie is a classic, at least the first is)
-Felt shivers everytime there was a mention of mae or copeland in the same utterance as James Brown (refreshing to hear some people still have taste in music)
-Enjoyed the simple Fight Club reference (and added it to the list of movies on my shelf that I love and need to watch: Fight Club, Bill and Ted's, High Fidelity, Saving Private Ryan...etc)
-I too used to eat alone, on purpose. Family never wanted to eat together anyway.
-Found that girls can be terrible people. Some of them. Not sure how, but they hurt like hell.

And that was just a few random thoughts. I feel a bit voyeuristic today, perhaps that's why I went insane, but when I started reading I couldn't give up.

Be well all, I'm headed off to dinner with James and then back to celebrate Kristin's b-day.

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