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10:36 a.m. | 2004-02-13
Even Cate Agrees...

Word of the Day for Friday February 13, 2004

hinterland HIN-tur-land, noun:
1. A region situated inland from a coast.
2. A region remote from urban areas; backcountry.
3. A region situated beyond the major metropolitan or cultural centers.

Worst feeling ever? Jumpy nerves.

1-check out the new Links Page (also on the right under [me]), 'cause it has all my humor (now with explanations!) and all of my most important entries. Check it people, seriously.

Onto some complaining (because I'm wearing the lip ring today and that entitles me to be a bitch). For my sociology professor who still likes me, but I think might not have graded my test, so instead to whoever graded my test--thank you for the grade on the essays, you rock my cashbah.


There's a multiple choice question on this test (otherwise I fear most of his students would fail, poor kids). And here's how it goes: "President George W. Bush is the current ________; the office of the President of the United States is a ________."

Ok. Simple, right? Here's your options:
(a) incumbent; role
(b) incumbent; job
(c) leader; status symbol
(d) head of the military; position

So. What's your decision? Oh wait, ALMOST ALL OF THEM WORK PERFECTLY? This is why I'm bad at multiple choice, I can make any answer valid. Options (a) and (b) are both correct in my mind because Bushie is the incumbent (occupant) as well as the presidency could be called a role and a job. He does technically get $200,000 for doing something people. That's what us IDIOTS call a job. Pay for work.

Choice (c) is a bit biased, and the least of my choices, but hey, it works. He's a leader, sure of the United States of America, and he DOES act as a symbol. Especially in the eyes of sociology. Whatever.

Now I picked (d), because it's different. And on top of that? He legally is the head of the military. And his a fucking position. Cheney's position? Vice President. So Bushie's the...President. A third grader would agree with me.

Not this person. Apparantly it's only ONE of those answers, and it's (a), the occupant; role answer. Um. Ok.

Stupidity runs rampant. Whether or not you agree with it, read your fucking constitution, you imbeciles. I linked it so y'all can sit down and read it. Oy.

Today will be called: 'I Hate Stupid People Day.' And henceforth today I will refuse to keep my normal patient attitude with the idiots and simply tell them why they're stupid.

Signing Off--Lauren

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