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2:27 p.m. | 2004-02-05
I Once Said I Knew An Angel--But Who Was It?

Word of the Day for Thursday February 5, 2004

censure SEN-shur, noun:
1. The act of blaming or finding fault with and condemning as wrong; reprehension; blame.
2. An official reprimand or expression of disapproval.

Ok...whose fault is this. Who didn't tell me I had become incredibly boring? It's your job as readers people to TELL me when I get that horridly...ugh. And yes, 'ugh' is both a noun and an adjective. Fah on you. So here's the deal, we're just gonna blast some new stuff about the site and make up some great story to get this thing going again! Ok, maybe not. BUT I will be adding the following:

**New CD reviews; about 8 of them are new, so enjoy the browsing
**New poems such as: Forgotten and Ugly are posted
**New short story (very short) here
**New banners to draw suckers in!
**New quiz results
**New links to such cool radio stations as KCSU
**New page: The Picture Page

Ok, so that's about all I could come up with, but within a few hours of posting this they should all be up (the only thing I need to actually WRITE is the CD review stuff). Side note on that: next to the main pages here, my CD review page gets the most hits. I don't advertise it, I think I did once, but that was it. out the CD Reviews Page, even though I know you probably already have? Oy.

On a COMPLETELY different note...Jamie and I have been speaking recently on things that "generally piss us all off." We even started a list on our new site, x-lamie-x, but it made me think. The topic first came when we were sitting in the caf (mmmm, delicious) and we were discussing the music that they were playing. It's that wierd 'I'm-30-but-I-still-think-I'm-cool-so-I-listen-to-semi-soft-rock-like-Train-and-wierd-bands-that-only-had-one-hit-but-make-me-remember-my-20's' style of music. And we figured it out: they play it because it simply generally pisses off everyone. If they played all oldies, some people would hurl. If they played all death metal, some people would never come back. If they played anything that was to one extreme people would revolt. So their theory what would happen if you put EVERY musician in the world in one room and made them work together. Know what that is people? Crap.

Here's out list as of today:
1.Marc Anthony- No matter where I am, this man comes on the radio, and I can barely control my rage and general disgust.

2. The Teletubbies- These things are minions of the devil. Nothing else needs to be said. Devil=teletubbies.

3. Emeril- What an overrated load of crap. You cook. Get over yourself! BAM! BAM BAM BAM! ::vomit::

4. Celine Dion I want this woman to die. DIE DIE DIE. I just..ugh..I'm at a loss for words. DIE!

All of that was written in Jamie's words, but I rather follow her sentiment. But--do you have anything to add? Do you loathe something not so much that you want to hurt someone, but that it sits there slowly rubbing at you? Tell me about it. Note it. Guestbook it. Email it. Tell me about it--you might be published!

Enjoy the new shiz.

Signing Off--Lauren

ps: Gabe said this the other day and totally made my day:

Gabriel: i'm leaving the chicken
Gabriel: bigger and better baby
Lauren: *points to her thigh*
Lauren: bigger AND better
Lauren: ;)
Gabriel: Better by far
Gabriel: ...and just right :D

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